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How to design rubber springs

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How to design rubber springs

The rubber spring should be designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements of the vibrating equipment. In short, in addition to meeting the necessary conditions, the rubber spring must also meet the requirements of its compression. Therefore, the compression must be checked. The spring is bearing the vibrating screen. The static deformation at weight should be greater than the resonance amplitude.

The task of design and calculation is to find out the main geometric dimensions and hardness of the spring according to the required stiffness value and relative deformation value. The spring used for the vibrating screen uses two kinds of spring compression and shear. This article mainly introduces the calculation method of the compression cylinder.

Determination of static stiffness   

The general static stiffness is generally determined by the method of frequency ratio. In order to reduce the dynamic load of the screen machine to the foundation and prevent the system from resonating, the working frequency of the entire screen machine system is much larger than its natural frequency.

Determination of relative deformation value   

The relative deformation value affects the life span, so the relative deformation value is limited to a certain range. Generally speaking, the relative deformation is less than 15% under static load, the relative deformation is less than 10% under instantaneous and intermittent dynamic load, and the relative deformation under dynamic load is less than 5%. Through the relative deformation value and maximum deformation, the height of the design can be obtained. In the design, generally the height h should not be too large. If it is too large, there will be a large deformation. Used in combination. If the selection is improper, a small horse-drawn cart or a large horse-drawn cart will appear. The small horse-drawn cart is the spring selection is too small and the deformation exceeds 15%, then the service life of the spring will be greatly reduced and part of the amplitude will be absorbed. The large horse-drawn trolley is the spring selection is too large and the deformation is less than 10%, which will cause the equipment to start and stop greatly jump, because the spring selection is too hard.

Determination of diameter   

For cylindrical shapes, the diameter needs to be determined. For those with a hole in the center, in addition to the diameter, the diameter of the center hole needs to be determined. The information describes that for a cylindrical shape, it can be roughly determined by the ratio of the diameter D to the height h, and the value of D/h of the vibrating screen is given. Generally speaking, D/h=0.5~1 for the support or damping spring. For larger load, harsh working conditions, and larger rigidity, choose a larger value for D/h. In the design, it is often the case that the rubber formula is initially determined to be suitable for work with a certain Shore hardness. There are also such cases. According to practical experience, the applicable Shore hardness range of a rubber spring for a certain purpose is obtained. .

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