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How to make cargo tightening more convenient?

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How to make cargo tightening more convenient?

In the process of transportation, the binding and reinforcement of the goods are essential. However, the correct binding and reinforcement of goods, especially accurate calculations, are usually more complicated and time-consuming. Luther Company launched a new application (APP) to solve this problem.

As a technological pioneer in fastening chains, German Luther-Liger and Titz Chain Company (hereinafter referred to as "Luther Company") has long been committed to continuous innovation for users to better realize cargo binding and reinforcement. In order to help users select and test suitable bundled products, Luther Company is now providing a computing application (APP) that has been proven effective in practice. The APP can download the IOS version and Android version for free, easy to understand, and a good helper for daily use.

After installing this APP, you can use the angle measurement function in the APP to easily and quickly measure the horizontal and vertical angles. The user can choose between the cross lashing chain (Diagonal lashing) or the resistance lashing chain (Frictional lashing) in the interface for calculation. In addition, this APP also has a number of practical additional functions, such as entering a combination of blocking or frictional lashing on the APP, and then selecting the transportation method separately, including truck, train or Ship, then combined calculation; In addition, you can also choose angle measurement or length measurement. After a few simple steps, the APP will display the quantity and specifications of the reinforcement series required for direct lashing and frictional lashing respectively, and recommend the most suitable ICE120-grade fastening chain combination.

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